Why are your watches so expensive?
As in all markets, also in the clone market there are various types of products: the low cost/low quality replicas, the average clone and the highly sophisticated super clone. Horologium-rex mostly focuses on the third category. You won’t find those 100 USD replicas you can’t even take a shower with on this site. Also, keep in mind that all prices include shipping via courier which is usually about 60 USD.

Why buy from you when I can buy directly from sellers in China or Thailand, who have been on the market for years?
Because this business is more complex than you think. Are you sure you are buying from the factory or seller in China? It’s not that easy. These clones are easier to sell than to source. And this market is full of scammers. We offer guarantees that even the most reliable sellers are not always prepared to offer, especially regarding payment and after-sale service.

Why do you have so little choice? Other sellers have hundreds of models.
My personal experience, as an enthusiast and as a salesman, shows me that the best-selling models have always been the same for years. I think it is useless to propose 1000 watches if the buyer is only interested in about thirty in all. Also, I try to focus on the latest editions of specific models. And if I personally like a watch, I source it and put it for sale, because I think it’s cool, somehow special or innovative. That said, if you are looking for a particular model, which you don’t see on the site, send me an email to info@horologium-rex.com with as many details (pics) as possible. And I will try to source it for you.

How is it possible that the difference in price between two watches is 400 USD? They are both fakes!
A super clone is assembled using 99% the same materials as the original, both in the visible parts and inside. It is built by hand by dismantling and reverse engineering the original piece. So these clones work, look and behave like the genuine, even though they are made with cheaper materials. Also, as there aren’t many pieces produced, clones can become collectors’ items as well. Replicas are just cheap imitations of the original but only on the visible parts. The movement and other mechanical parts like chronographs and tourbillons don’t work. The difference is noticeable, even without being an expert. In summary, cheap replicas are ugly watches, not because they are copies, but because they are really badly made. And this can be seen from afar. On a low budget it is better to buy an original Swatch rather than a bad copy of a Rolex. The real question is: what justifies a price difference of 10,000 USD between a genuine Rolex and a 500 USD super clone?

What is the difference between an automatic and a quartz movement?
An automatic movement uses kinetic energy to power itself. This means that there is no battery inside the watch. A quartz movement is a battery-operated movement. Most of the high-end authentic watches use automatic movements.

How long will a clone last?
Just like an authentic watch, this depends entirely on how you treat your clone. An automatic watch should be brought to a watchmaker for inspection once a year. This is to ensure that all parts are well oiled and in the correct position, so that they remain in good condition and in service for a long time. If you take good care of your clone and have it serviced regularly, it will last for many years, like its authentic counterpart.

What is a chronograph?
A chronograph is the small dial that appears on certain models. Some have one, others three or four. It acts as a stopwatch and shows the seconds. All clones have fully functional chronographs, just like the authentic version. In poor quality copies, however, the chronograph does not move.

Are these clones water resistant?
Yes, they are all tested for waterproofing. Generally clones of original scuba watches, like his a Rolex Submariner, can go scuba diving with you, but at depth of no more than 20 meters.

Is the watch shipped with its box and papers?
No. Although the box appears in some photos, it is never shipped with the watch. The reason is that boxes and papers are of lower quality than the watch itself. Also, the brand name box attracts Custom inspections. However, in some cases you can buy it separately.

What is the difference between replicas produced in Switzerland, Italy, Japan and China?
Almost all the components of a clone are of Chinese manufacture. The global clone market is 98% managed by Chinese distributors, manufacturers and retailers. This domination has lasted for many years. So those who say that they sell clones with original Swiss movements, and/or assembled in Switzerland or Italy, describe a scenario that doesn’t exist.

Some sellers ensure that their clones have the genuine SWISS ETA movement. Could it be true?
Yes, in two types of product. One is the category of “Frankenwatches”, or watches where genuine movement or components are assembled with cloned pieces. This is a very niche market, where passionate amateurs create unique pieces, with prices well above 1500 USD. The second type, more common, is simply a scam: the internal movement is of good quality, but it is not the genuine. Typically such movements are the usual Chinese or Japanese types found in luxury super clones.

I contacted you via email but you did not reply.
Remember that the writer is in Asia. There can be 6 – 12 hours difference (time zones). When you sleep, I work, and vice versa.

Who guarantees me that once paid, the watch will arrive? I have read that this market is full of scammers who disappear into thin air.
I let Paypal answer this more than legitimate question. As everyone knows, Paypal always protects the buyer, not the seller. If the watch does not arrive, or is not to your liking, you can open a dispute and ask for a full refund. Obviously I would hope that before contacting Paypal we will resolve the matter amicably. If you don’t trust me, at least trust Paypal. If you don’t even trust the guarantees offered by Paypal, I doubt you will ever buy anything on the Net.

Who can guarantee me that once I pay for a 500 USD watch I won’t receive a much lower quality replica?
Before authorizing the shipment, I request photos and videos of the actual watch that will be shipped. The distributors I do business with are reliable and professional and have been doing this for years. The last thing they want is to have problems with refunds. Having said that, I link to the previous answer regarding Paypal: you can ask for a refund for the item “not as described”, which is the most common form of dispute in online purchases. Most sellers know that allowing buyers to use Paypal puts the buyer in control of the transaction. Paypal is a reversible payment method, while bank transfers, Bitcoin, Western Union, Moneygram are not. Once paid with one of these methods, you are at the seller’s mercy. Here it happens just in the opposite way, so take it easy.

What happens if customs open the package and find the replica? What if they want to charge V.A.T. on the presumed value of the watch? If they consider it genuine, the V.A.T. can be hundreds of USD. Is buying fakes a crime? Can I get in trouble with Police/Customs?
No. Buying a clone and importing it to your country is not a crime, if it is for personal use. The crime is to sell clones, not to buy them In case Customs ask for additional documents, please contact me immediately. The watches are shipped directly by the distributors in China. They all guarantee delivery, as the shipping is often re-routed to agents in a third country or in your country that will reship to you, thus avoiding customs inspections (domestic shipping). Once the documents are sent to Customs, the shipment is released in a few days. It rarely happens that a watch is seized: in this unfortunate case, a new watch will be shipped for free. This is an important guarantee: either you receive the watch, or they will ship an identical one.

Can you guarantee that the watch will work fine? What if it stops working after two months?
All watches have a 12 month warranty. A 500 USD watch won’t break after two months.

How much does shipping cost?
It costs about 60 USD and it is included in the price of the watch no matter where you are located.

Watch and shipping cost too much. I want a discount.
I can only offer discounts to customers who have previously purchased from this site. And it depends on the watch model and other factors.

What secure payment methods do you offer me?
Paypal. There is no safer form of payment for the buyer. Also Paypal accepts credit cards, which adds an extra protection. See the “How to Pay by Paypal” page for more details.

How long does it take from the time I pay to when I receive a tracking code?
Once payment is received, I send the order to the distributor and pay for watch and shipping. It generally takes 5 to 7 working days to receive the quality control pictures of the exact watch you’ll receive. Once approved, it takes another 5 working days to receive the tracking code. Then it’s about 10 working days shipping time to USA and 15 to the EU.

What is declared for customs on the package?
What is declared is what actually is in the package: a watch. The declared value ranges from 30 to 60 USD. The description can be “fashion watch”, watch to be repaired, second hand watch.

I received the watch but it doesn’t work.
The chances of it happening are rare. Try violently shaking the watch or winding it well. Transportation can be traumatic at times. If the watch remains stationary, I recommend that you take it to a watchmaker and, if the cost is reasonable, I will pay for the repair.

I saw a Low Cost section: I would like to know more about these.
The watches in this section are good replicas, not clones. They are also produced in China, but not by the same watchmakers that creates the best clones. They are machine-made and their unique selling advantage is very simple: very cheap but good looking. The quality is much lower but the prices are really affordable for everybody. The watches in the Low Cost section are shipped from China and occasionally Thailand. A detailed description of materials used, movement and manufacturing plant is not provided as they are not considered clones, but mere copies. Also, they don’t have any warranty. In this section the best brands, both in terms of workmanship and aesthetics, are Rolex, Patek Philippe, Panerai and Audemars Piguet. In more complicated models, such as those with a chronograph, the inferior quality is more noticeable, as the chronograph doesn’t work.
In this section I have also put my personal selection of “sterile” watches, which are also known as “homage watches”. These belong to a different  market. These watches are very similar to the most popular brands like Rolex and Omega, but without displaying any logo. There is a parallel market for such watches, which are generally of good quality and cost much less.